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X-Ray Tubes

AXT remanufacture Philips and Siemens side window XRF X-Ray tubes.

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AXT Tubes

Varian Medical Systems

Authorized distributor for Varian Medical Systems.

Authorized distributor for AXT.

Newly Released Varian OEG-99L-Rh

The newly released Varian OEG-99L-Rh can be used in high power (3kW and 4kW) PANalytical / Philips XRF instruments.

Varian pioneered the present day end-window XRF tube, currently being used in state of the art X-ray spectrometers.

The new OEG-99L-Rh is based on the well established OEG platform. A tightly coupled window to target distance and an amazing 50 micron Be window increases system sensitivity and offers superior performance on this instrument platform.

Spill resistant. The window is brased on the outside of the housing. There is no lip to collect spilled liquids or debris.

Protective coating resists attack from corrosive chemicals.

vacuum cap extends shelf life and protects the tube in transit

Varian OEG-99L-Rh


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